Best Folding Camping Table: Keeping Meal Time Easy

Family sitting at folding camping table with plaid table cloth and food on it

It just happened last week… we scored a dream campsite in Coconino National Forest, sitting on a ridge with a “to die for” sunset over the red rocks. Except, the site was all red rock which meant anything that touched the ground immediately spread that sticky red dust everywhere. However the last thing we wanted to do was sit in the van to eat our meal, we wanted to soak in that view every possible moment. So with no picnic table, we juggled plates on our laps. Right then I knew we were adding a compact camp table to our gear. And the hunt for the best folding camping table began.

I’m going to share our research with you below. Everyone has a little bit different camping style so selecting a portable table for camping isn’t a one size fits all. That’s why you’ll find the extra details about each of these table super helpful in making your personal choice. We have provide links to where you can purchase these tables to make it easier for you to shop. In some cases these links are affiliate links which means we might earn a small commission if you make a purchase.

✔️Our Favorite Folding Camp Table: Our Personal Choice ❤
We found the Trekology Portable Camp Tables to be the best folding camping tables for its compactness and versatility. Available in 3 sizes, they are absolutely perfect for people who like to travel light and want to keep things simple.

Read on to see which folding camping table is best for your own adventures. In the process of researching, we discovered other camp tables that we believe you’ll love for a variety of reasons and uses. Here you’ll find the perfect camping table that matches exactly your style of adventure! We’ve divided the selection into 4 categories:

  • Dining Tables for Camping
  • Camp Kitchen Tables
  • Camping Side Tables
  • Portable Picnic Tables

Best Folding Camping Tables Compared

Here’s a list of the best folding camping tables with a quick comparison. You can click the links in the chart to read our full review of each table in the content below or just scroll on down to read them all. In the reviews, we really take a deep dive into the pros and cons of each table to help you select the perfect portable table for your next camping adventure.

How to choose the Best Folding Camping Table

The biggest factor in choosing your new table to use when camping is size and weight, right? How much space do you have to store this table? And do you need to haul it around which requires something lightweight or are you more of a stay in place camper who can afford a little more weight to get what you need?

After that, then you will want to look at the strength and stability of the table. You’ll find a lot of differences in camping table sturdiness. Sadly, some tables give up stability for portability. You’ll be much happier with a table that doesn’t fall apart with your lunch on it.

If this is your first camping table, we suggest that you pop down to the end of this post where we will deep dive into the factors that make a difference in the size, weight and sturdiness of a table. Things like the materials used in the table and the construction of the table are important to understand. We’ll explain the differences of each.

How do you plan to use your folding camp table?

We’ve already found that there are so many uses for a portable camping table than just eating a meal at our campsite. That table is going to go to the beach with you too! You’ll also find yourself pulling it out as an extra table when you have a family cookout. Although the most important use to consider when selecting your table is how you will use it at your campsite, it’s nice to have a table that has all this additional flexibility.  Generally camping tables have 3 uses: For Dining, For Cooking and Food Prep and as a relaxing Smaller Side Table. We’ve split our reviews into these 3 sections for you.

Best Camping Dining Table

You’ll want a folding dining table tall enough to be able to pull your folding chairs up to the table if you plan to dine on it often. While most campsites include a picnic table, we often find that one table often isn’t enough space once our gear is spread out. We most commonly use an extra folding dining table to create a buffet when camping with friends, all the food on one table with dining at the picnic table. And don’t you just love the idea of of quickly popping up a table for lunch on the road, maybe under a big shade tree or on a beach? Need a dining table with chairs? We have those listed at the end of this article… super cool stuff.

✅ Best Dining Table – Extra Large Easy Carry Camping Table

STYLE: Dining
WEIGHT: 17.6 lb
STORED SIZE: 10″ x 8″ x 28″
OPEN SIZE: 28″h x 55″ x 28″
LOAD: 180lb

OUR REVIEW OF Extra Large Easy Carry Camping Table

Great for both RV and Car Camping, the Extra Large Easy Carry Camping Table is pretty sweet. The aircraft grade aluminum construction makes it light and strong. The table sits 28 inches off the ground which is normal dining table height so you can pull your chairs right up to it. At a length of 55″ you can comfortably seat 4 around the table in traditional camping chairs and cozy seat 6 people. It would also work well for setting up a quick buffet when friends gather.

Compact Storage: The generously sized table fits in a bag only slightly larger than a single traditional bag chair when folded up. For a full dining table, that’s pretty sweet. At 17lbs, you won’t want to backpack with this table, but it is more than light enough to easily carry to a campsite or an event. Think the weight of a 6 month old baby… not bad huh?

Sturdiness: We like the accordion design of the legs with the locking cross bars for giving this table a sturdy feel that allows it to hold up to 180 pounds. It’s definitely sturdier than the old fashioned 4 leg card tables we used to haul around.

Easy to Use: The first time you assemble it’s going to take a couple minutes to wrap your head around how the pieces snap together. After one assembly though it will pop together in under a minute. It’s that easy. The aluminum top is heat resistant so you can set a cook stove on it. And the smooth surface easily wipes clean.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: We love that sitting at this table to dine feels like a normal table experience. No juggling to eat. It also is super flexible in the ways you can use it beyond dining such as pulling it out for an extra table at a party, extra cooking area and buffet set up.

CONCERNS: If you are looking for a smaller table, don’t bother with the smaller sizes in this particular table. Pop down below to the section on side tables below for lighter weight and more compact tables. The real value in this specific table is the extra large size for a full dining table.

✅ The Runner Up Table for Dining – KingCamp Lightweight Folding Table

STYLE: Dining
WEIGHT: 14.6 lb
STORED SIZE: 42.5 x 9.1 x 4.3
OPEN SIZE: 27.6h x 42.1 x 27.6 inches
LOAD: 175 lb
MATERIALS: Steel Frame – Aluminum Top


Seat your family around another great choice for a dining or food prep table is the KingCamp Folding Table. This table comfortably seats 4. The base and top are 2 separate pieces with the base made of steel giving it extra strength. The base unfolds and locks into place. The top is a roll top aluminum style that has a really smart anti-skid finish.

Compact Storage: The table folds up to store in a canvas bag similar to a bag chair. At 42″ long it’s quite a bit longer than most tables so make sure you have enough depth to store in your vehicle. However the diameter of the roll is very small resulting in it taking very little overall space.

Sturdiness: The locking legs and steel frame result in one of the sturdiest tables we found for dining use.

Easy to Use: Once you’ve put this together it will be very easy and go together in a flash. The first time might seems a little confusing how to lock the legs.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: The anti-skid black aluminum top is a real winner. You’ll also like the sturdiness of this table and the small storage foot print.

CONCERNS: This is a little smaller than our top choice, so make sure you compare sizes to get what you need. Also note this is not suitable for holding a heavy grill where the weight is all in the center of the table since there is little center support. However it will easily hold 175 pounds with a normal weight distribution across the table surface.

✅ Best Table for Uneven Surfaces – PORTAL Portable Picnic Table

STYLE: Dining
WEIGHT: 12.1 lb
STORED SIZE: 6.7” x 5.9” x 48”
OPEN SIZE: 28.3″h x 47.2” x27.6”
LOAD: 66 lb


The thing that makes this picnic table different is that one leg has adjustable height up to 2 inches. That means no more wobbly table! Adjust that one leg to get a table that stays put. The all aluminum Portal Portable Picnic Table is large enough to seat 4 people for dinner and super easy to keep clean.

Compact Storage: At 4 feet long, this table requires a special space in your RV. The nice thing is it is really skinny, so you could store under your camper or upright in the back of a closet. It’s probably not reasonable for most car campers.

Sturdiness: Bonus points for the adjustable leg that helps when on unlevel ground. Beyond that the aluminum legs lock well into place giving you a very sturdy table for your campsite.

Easy to Use: Very easy to put together, just unfold and lock. The net shelf under the table is really nice for a bit of storage in camp also.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: The ability to adjust the height for uneven surfaces is amazing. Note if you want a table with all 4 legs adjustable, this one is available with that feature in a slightly smaller size.

CONCERNS: This is a lighter weight table at a weight capacity max of 66 pounds. That makes it a great solution for dining, but not a good solution for a heavy grill top.

Cooking and Food Preparation Folding Camping Table

You will want a table that stand a bit taller so you don’t have to lean over. Just as at home, there’s a big difference in how your back feels about cooking at your counter compared to leaning over the kitchen table. Sturdiness is also an important consideration for a cooking table since it will have more weight on it and if you put a stove on it the last thing you want is it to fall over with the slightest bump. Tables specifically designed for cooking are larger than other camping tables and usually built with the RV camper in mind who can slide the table into a storage space. However these are also great for on the go activities like a day at the beach or a tailgate party.

✅ The Cadillac of Camping Cook Stations – GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

STYLE: Cooking Station
WEIGHT: 18.9lb
STORED SIZE: 20.9″ x 3.7″ x 34.6″
OPEN SIZE: 52″h x 20.9″ x 32.31:
LOAD: Each section has separate load limit: Center Top 48lb, Each Side Table 30lb

OUR REVIEW OF GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen

This is the ultimate portable cooking station, not only great for camping it would be perfect for tailgating and family picnics. The center table will hold up to 48 pounds which is plenty strong for most any grill (grill not included) and a heap of food. The 52 inch height of the GCI Outdoors Camp Kitchen is comfortable for cooking, no leaning over the grill on the picnic table.

Compact Storage: With so many side tables, this camp table does take up a little more room than most portable camp tables. However it’s less than 4 inches thick when folded up so should pack under most of your gear in the trunk or slide into a closet without much notice.  We do love the 18.9 pound weight, thanks to the aluminum construction, which makes it easy to transport.

Sturdiness: The locking mechanisms give this table set up a lot of stability. The only caution is to remember the side tables are only rated for 30lbs, you don’t want to set a cooler or something super heavy on them. The purpose of those sides is to make food prep and assembly super easy with access to tools and foods you will need.

Easy to Use: The complexity of setting up this cook station feels a little like setting up a folding step ladder. You just pull the accordion apart and then click the locking mechanisms in place. In just a couple minutes you have a full cook station ready to roll.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: We love that this is a very simple solution to the need for a camp kitchen. One that will hold up with years of use and save your back from leaning over the picnic table when cooking. You’ll appreciate the extra shelves as you are preparing a meal, especially for your hungry campers!

CONCERNS: The top surface is smooth aluminum, which for most camp tables is a great surface due to durability and heat resistance. The down side of smooth aluminum is it can be slippery. So when you set a heavy grill on top, it might be a little top heavy allowing the grill to slip if bumped. Most reviewers overcame this issue by adding a rubber mat to the top shelf if they were grilling.

✅ Wow it Comes with a Pantry – Mountain Summit Gear Deluxe Kitchen Table

STYLE: Cooking Station
WEIGHT: 13.8 lb
STORED SIZE: 19.7″ x 4.3″ x 31.5″
OPEN SIZE: 56.2″ x 18.9″ x 31.5″
LOAD: Varies by Shelf


This is the perfect cook station for camping. Your grill or stove will sit securely in the center at a very comfortable height on the Mountain Summit Camp Kitchen. The right side table doubles as a mini pantry, perfect for storing canned goods, your paper plates etc. (except in bear country) There’s plenty of room for food prep. Overall this is a really nice cook station.

Compact Storage: This camp kitchen folds up neatly into a bag that’s about the size of an artists portfolio bag which is easy to slide into storage area or tuck in your trunk.

Sturdiness: The locking legs and shelves make this very sturdy, you’ll feel comfortable with your stove on top.

Easy to Use: This table will take a few minutes to assemble since there are a lot of appendages. It’s not hard, just a lot of steps so I’d say about 5 minutes assembly time after you first time.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: Your favorite part of this folding camping kitchen table will be the pantry. Or perhaps the great cooking surface will be the highlight!

CONCERNS: Some may find the extra minutes to assemble annoying, but really what is 5 minutes when you get a great camp kitchen?

Best Small Camping Tables

The side tables in our home get more use than any other table in the house. The same will be true in your campsite if you add a couple portable side tables to your camping gear. The great news about side tables is they are the most compact folding tables making them easy to tuck into your gear. They can also double as individual dining tables. You’ll love having a place to set your plate rather than your lap. This size folding table is probably the most commonly used because it is so easy to store and lightweight to pack. You can find full reviews of all the side tables we tested here.

✅ Best Side Table Overall – Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

STYLE: Side Table
WEIGHT: 2.8 lbs
STORED SIZE: 22″*6″*2.5″
OPEN SIZE: 16″h*18″*22″
LOAD: 50 lbs
MATERIALS: all aluminum


This all aluminum side table pops together in less than 15 seconds. It uses a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum that provides incredible strength. It’s hard to imagine that a 3 pound table can hold 50 pounds but this table definitely can do the job. The accordion structure of the legs gives it the perfect structure for weight bearing.

The Trekology Camping Side table is very attractive with an easy to clean, smooth top. Available in 3 sizes, you’ll find the medium size the most flexible for use as a side table. The small is perfect if you are going to haul it to a back country campsite. But for any other use, you’ll find the medium or large a better side table size.

Compact Storage: Using a stretch cord system similar to how tent poles are constructed, the legs quickly fold into a very compact package. Then the top folds up and slides right into the storage bag. For size reference picture 2 end to end paper towel rolls. Yeah, that easy to tuck into your camping gear.

Sturdiness: Once assembled and locked together, this table sits very sturdy. We loaded it up with taco fixings the other night and it held up to everyone loading their plates… no fear of everything dumping on the ground.

Easy to Use: The legs pretty much put themselves together when you take it out of the bag. The stretch cord guides all the pieces into their correct placement. Just pop in the cross bar and pop on the top. The first time I put the top on it took a moment to figure out where it connected. The second time it was a piece of cake.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: We love that this is so easy to assemble. That makes it a no brainer to grab when you need a quick table. As you know the more work something is, the less likely you are to use it. In this case you’ll grab this table often. We also feel confident piling a lot of stuff on this table without worry of crashing. I mean, that’s the whole idea anyway… to keep stuff off the ground.

CONCERNS: The number one thing we don’t like is that the storage bag doesn’t have a shoulder strap. I’m pretty sure this table is going to be used for more than camping because it is so cool that it’d be nice to sling it over a shoulder when carrying to an event. That said, the diameter of the filled storage bag will fit in an adult’s grip and it can be tucked into a backpack so it would be pretty easy to transport.

✅ Best Heavy Duty Folding Side Table – MingSo Portable Camping Table

STYLE: Side Table
WEIGHT: 3.0 lb
STORED SIZE: 25″*5.9″
OPEN SIZE: 18″h*18’*18″
LOAD: 70 lb
MATERIALS: coated steel frame, 600D canvas top

OUR REVIEW OF MingSo Portable Camping Table

Absolutely no assembly required with this folding camping table. It packs and unpacks just like a traditional bag chair. You just fold and drop the MingSo Portable Camping Table into the bag. The canvas top is heavy duty to hold up for years of use. The legs are made of coated steel which adds a few ounces to the overall weight but also adds a little more strength giving you a load bearing weight of 70 pounds.

Compact Storage: You only pick up 3 inches more in length over the all aluminum Trekology table, so you still have a really nice compact package when the table is stored in the bag. I can easily see this folding table permanently stored in my car trunk for easy access at soccer games, the beach, and impromptu patio parties.

Sturdiness: Just as bag chairs are feel very secure when you sit in them, this side table feels very sturdy once unfolded. There is a locking mechanism for each corner that pulls the canvas top tight so it works similar to a hard surface when supporting beverages.

Easy to Use: It is so simple to just pop this table out of the bag and your ready to play. And yes, the storage bag does have a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: We love that it feels like a table you can just bang around like you do your old fashioned bag chairs. It’s pretty indestructible.

CONCERNS: The only reason this is our 2nd choice is because we do like the slightly more compact package of the All Aluminum table. It is a pretty sweet folding table for camping.

Best Folding Camping Table and Chairs

Never be without a picnic table for your campsite. And for larger family travels an extra folding camp table is a necessity so everyone can sit down and relax at meal time. These folding camping tables with chairs are pretty cool and tuck away easily in your camper when not in use.

✅ Best Family Table – AHB Folding Camping Picnic Table with Seats

STYLE: Picnic
WEIGHT: 18.74 lb
STORED SIZE: 34″ x 13.5″ x 4″
OPEN SIZE: Table 26.5″h x 34″ x 27″ Each Seat 16″h x 11.4″ x 11″
LOAD: TableTop 77lbs, Each Seat 177 pounds

OUR REVIEW OF AHB Picnic Table with Seats

Isn’t this picnic table the sweetest thing? It packs up in it’s own suitcase for easy carrying and storage. The AHB Picnic Camping Table starts with a heavy duty, anti rust frame covered with an aluminum top to make it lightweight. It unfolds into 4 comfy seating areas that will each hold up to 177 pounds.

Compact Storage: This table is easy to tuck into any storage space. Once it is folded back into itself creating a “suitcase” it is only 4 inches thick.

Sturdiness: The well constructed cross beam support system gives this table set balance and strength. However if you go over the 177 pound weight limit on the seats you will likely have issues.

Easy to Use: Just unfold and you are ready for dinner.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: Not only is this a really attractive table for your campsite it is really easy to pop up for an extra picnic table.

CONCERNS: The 177 pound limit for seating might make this table unattractive to some adults, yeah those like us who really love to eat, lol!

✅ Best xxx – Camping World Portable Picnic Table with Benches

STYLE: Picnic
WEIGHT: 22 lb
STORED SIZE: 35 ½” x 13 ¼” x 4″
OPEN SIZE: Tabletop 27.5″h x 35.5″ x 26.25″ Bench 16″h x 34.25 x 9.9″
LOAD: Table: 100 lbs. Bench: 300 lbs
MATERIALS: Aluminum with laminate top

OUR REVIEW OF Camping World Portable Picnic Table with Benches

If you are looking for heavy duty benches for your picnic table, this is the table for you. The benches will hold up to 300 pounds each. The aluminum frame of these Portable Picnic Benches from Camping World is heavy duty  with cross beams for extra support. A bonus feature is that the table can be used without the extensions which brings it to the same 16″ height as the benches. If you push all 3 pieces together you have a perfect low dining table for a larger group.

Compact Storage: The benches fold up into the bottom of the table top which then folds into a storage suitcase.

Sturdiness: The simple design with locking cross brackets makes this a sturdy table. The bench is designed to carry a heavier weight load than many camping picnic table sets.

Easy to Use: Super simple to assemble.

WHAT WE LOVE MOST: You’ll love the simplicity of this design. It’s also good to have benches that don’t have strict weight restrictions.

CONCERNS: The laminate top makes this a poor choice for a cooking surface. It also won’t hold up well under severe weather, you should put it inside if it is raining.

As you can see the Best Folding Camping Table is one that not only matches your style of camping, it also will be sturdy and long lasting. I hope you love these tables as much as we do!

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