Hiking Gear: Reviews and Guides

Hiking Gear:  Shopping Guides and Reviews

Have you ever looked for a simple pair of hiking socks and suddenly all the choices are overwhelming. OMG…How can there be 200 choices of socks – all claiming to be the PERFECT one for you. And then you ask in a FB Group for recommendations for hiking boots and you get 19 different boots, all guaranteed to be amazing for your next hike.

It’s a little bit of an “Exorcist” moment, with your head spinning around and around trying to figure out what to buy. In the end you just grab something and hope for the best.

Is that anyway to treat your self?

That’s why we are here. To help you make an easy decision, one that you will know is a great choice, we’ve researched and put together detailed hiking gear reviews and guides . You will find exactly what you need in our guides that not only recommend the top products but take a moment to explain in clear English what to look for and why some are better than others.