Best Kids Flashlight and Headlamp for Hiking and Camping

Our grandkids love flashlights. Leave one lying around and it’s sure to show up in a child’s hands. They love using flashlights or headlamps to go on grand adventures, both real and imagined. So with 6 young boys on our hands, we go through a lot of kids flashlights and kids headlamps, and pretty much a lot of other stuff. We are always on the search for the best kids flashlight.

As you know, kids have an amazing knack for losing and breaking stuff. So when it comes to hiking and camping, we are looking for the trifecta! That means we want cheaper children’s headlamps and flashlights that are also durable and of good quality. You also want a lot of color choices – right? Then everyone can have their own flashlight with no fighting. (Yes, you just heard a big sigh!)

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Here are some things we’ve learned in the process and several excellent choices for children’s flashlights.

✔️ Our Favorite Camping Flashlight for Kids…
We found over a dozen exceptional headlamps and flashlights that we share below, but our overall favorite and best kids flashlight is the Dorcy 55 lumen Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight because it will withstand just about any beating your kids give it! (I even keep one of these tucked in my car door pocket because I love it so much.)

Choosing your Kids Flashlight and Headlamp

Choosing the best headlamp for kids is not an easy process. If you’re looking for cool flashlights for kids, there are several features to consider; weight, durability, waterproof, power sources, burn time, cost price, lumens, beam distance, red lights and more. Right after this list of our top choices for the best flashlights for kids, you’ll find the details on several important features to look for when shopping.

Best Kids Flashlight

Dorcy 55 lumen Floating Waterproof LED – Floating Flashlight

If you’re looking for the most durable kids flashlight, then the Dorcy 55 lumen Floating Waterproof LED is a great choice. It has a capacity of 55 lumens, a beam distance of 31 meters, and a long run time of 8 hrs 45 mins. The rugged design is impact resistant, while the shock absorbent rubber allows for a good slip-free grip making it one of the best flashlights for kids. There’s a built-in tail-cap carabiner clip-in this kid’s camping flashlight so that you can attach this practical flashlight to their belt or backpack. And if dropped into water, it floats! Pick from four colors of kids flashlights: purple, green, pink and blue to surprise your child. What else do you need in the best flashlight for kids?

EverBrite 9-LED Flashlight – Lightest Torch

This the lightest and best mini flashlight for children available. It weighs just 1.34 oz and is available at an incredibly low price for a 6 pack including AA batteries. The colorful EverBrite has a lanyard to prevent drops and a durable body that is impact resistant up to a meter.

Your children can use them to tell ghost stories around the campfire, for reading in bed, evening walks on the beach, or for scavenger hunts in the dark. At just 12 cm in length, this kid’s flashlight is pocket-friendly too! I personally carry one of these in my purse because of its super small size. And I once found a little boy hiding in the closet hugging this perfectly sized flashlight that he quietly borrowed for exploring. You can also get the EverBrite in an 18 pack that would be perfect for a campout party!

LUX PRO LP395 Gels Glow-in-the-Dark LED Flashlight – No more lost kid’s flashlights

If you’ve ever found yourself frantically searching for your child’s flashlight in the dark while they are crying, you’ll understand how perfect the Lux Pro Glow in the Dark kids flashlights will be for your next adventure. Kids are known to randomly lay down their stuff and then panic when they can’t find it, right? Here’s the solution. Their favorite flashlight will glow in the dark, making it easy to find. These are available in a set or individually to make it easy to find your child’s favorite color!

EverBrite Kids Flashlight, Mini LED Torch – Easy to Grip


You’ll love the square shape of this simple 5 inch long EverBrite kids camping torch for its easy grip. Many kids find it so much easier to grasp the square shape than a round shape. Few kids’ camping flashlights utilize a soft yellow light as you’ll find in the mini torch. The softer light makes it easy on children’s eyes. You’ll love the single smooth moving on and off switch designed for little hands. At only 3.5 ounces, these kids flashlights are great for outdoor fun since the lanyard will easily wrap around their wrist.

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight – No battery drain

How cute is this little bug! It is perfect for 3-7-year-old kids because of the easy-grip handle and simple to use on and off switch.

Sunny Patch Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight is Designed by Melissa & Doug, known for their high-quality children’s toys, so you are certain to have a fun flashlight that will survive your next trip! The only thing you won’t like is the weight on this little joy coming in at 3/4 of a pound. It will be great for a camping trip but not so much fun to carry home on a long hike.

VTech Spin & Learn Color Flashlight – The perfect toddler flashlight

Doubling as an interactive toy for 1-3-year-olds, you will be thrilled to have this distraction along when your toddler is tired of digging in the dirt at your campsite. The VTech Spin and Learn Flashlight starts as a real child’s flashlight, so your child can search and discover just like a grown-up. The other buttons let’s younger kids see animals and hear sounds as he adventures forth.

Mini LED Flashlight Pack of 4 Camping Flashlights

Aren’t these mini flashlights super cute? The Mini LED Flashlights come in a pack of 4 and include batteries. Seriously I don’t think they are the most heavy-duty flashlights for kids, but they get high marks for cuteness. If you have kids who lose everything, these inexpensive kid’s flashlights are just the ticket for their next camping or hiking trip.

Sun Company Lifelight Animal Carabiner Flashlight

OMG – how sweet is this mini Flashlight Critter from Sun Company. We love that the tail is a carabiner clip making it easy to hook onto your child’s jacket or backpack when on your outdoor adventure. With its super bright light, this mini flashlight is one of the best emergency toddler flashlights because your child will love carrying it everywhere. It’s also available as a lizard, a dolphin, an orca or a shark! 

Best Kids Headlamp Descriptions

Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight – Economical Rechargeable Battery

Weighing just 2.4 oz, the lightweight Flashlight is perfect for kid’s outdoor adventures. It has both white and red lights with 5 spotlight modes and a 60-degree tiltable body. The IPX5 rating for the Foxelli USB Rechargeable Headlamp protects it from water sprays and splashes. The headlamp is also dustproof, sand-proof, snowproof, shockproof. The USB rechargeable 1200Mah Lithium battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and last for 30 hours. The headlamp is ergonomically designed and durable.

Energizer LED Headlamp for Kids – Durable and Bright

Bright, but not too bright, this great headlamp is designed with kids in mind. First, the super comfy headband of the LED headlamp from Energizer is detachable so that you can throw it in the washer after an adventurous day. The ring around the light has 3 interchangeable color bands so that every day can be a new color. The on/off button on this kid’s headlamp is easy to use for little fingers.

PETZL TIKKID – Best Quality For Busy Kids

This headlamp for kids has been designed with amazing battery life and lower lumens to protect the sensitive eyes of our children. The single button is easy to use and the battery pack is protected by a flat screw-head so that kids don’t open it by mistake.

The PETZL TIKKID has a great hybrid design that works with AAA batteries but can be replaced by the CORE rechargeable battery. It’s the best headlight for kids as the phosphorescent reflector helps you keep an eye on them when they’re looking for critters at the edges of the campsite or out in the back garden in the dark.

COB LED Headlamp Flashlight – Ultra LightWeight and a Super Deal

Ready for some nighttime fun? This can be used as a kids headlight or by adults for outdoor work, camping, running and cycling. The new COB or “Chip on Board” technology increases heat efficiency and provides greater lumen-per-watt ratios. The COB LED headlamp can also be taken off the band and used as a pocket lamp. The manufacturers haven’t mentioned the lumens, but the lamp can definitely light up a room.

At just 1.35 oz, your kids won’t even feel it on their heads. Plus, at under $20 for a set of 4, you won’t mind too much if your kid uses this headlamp for target practice or as a weapon (not that it ever happens that way, lol!).

Dinobryte LED T-Rex Dinosaur Headlamp – For the Truly Adventurous Child

This is made for the youngsters who love dinosaurs and roars thrice every time it’s turned on. At around 5.6 oz, your kids won’t be bothered by the weight but will spend a lot of time opening and closing the dino’s mouth to turn the light on and off.

The kids’ dinosaur headlamp is IPX4 waterproof and there’s a protective lens over the headlamp that prevents breaking. Kids just love them, be it for camping, playing fort, hiking, reading, exploring or as a night light. Better make sure you’re okay with the noise before buying it because it has a mighty roar!

More Animals in the Zoo! Here are a couple more fun headlamps that kids will love:

Best Kids Camping Lanterns

Vont 4 Pack Camping Lantern Flashlights – Nearly Indestructible

No matter what children’s flashlight you give your kids, potty runs might prove to be a problem. That’s when a headlamp or a lantern comes in more handy for outdoor use. Cue the Vont Camping Lanterns! Having your hands free to reach for that tissue roll does make a difference!

These collapsible flashlights are made from a waterproof metal alloy and are water and weather-resistant. The 146-lumen fantastic flashlight can be opened more or less depending on the amount of light you need. They weigh 5.3 oz and are sturdy and durable. At $14.99 for a set of 2, they are perfect for adults too!

Wakeman 3 in 1 Lamp – The perfect toddler flashlight

This is a great lamp for camping since it works as a traditional flashlight, like a lantern or a side panel light. You can set up the Wakeman 3 in 1 Camping Lamp on a table as a mini lantern or in your tent to provide light for reading and changing clothes or even as a small night light. We love that it is perfect for bathroom runs where it can serve as a flashlight on the walk there and as a lantern while doing your business.

Features to Look For in Children’s Flashlights and Headlamps

Here are a few things to consider before you select a flashlight or headlamp for your child if you want it to last and for them to enjoy it.


A flashlight for kids needs to be durable enough to withstand being dropped or bumped around. Look for a flashlight that is made from tough, impact-resistant materials.


A flashlight for children should be bright enough to light up the area around them, but not so bright that it will hurt their eyes. Look for a flashlight with adjustable brightness settings.


A child’s flashlight should be small enough to fit comfortably in their hands, but not so small that it will be easily lost. We’ve included several flashlights and headlamps that are perfectly sized for toddlers. And you’ll see in our list several that will carry a hiker all the way into adulthood.

Battery life

The best flashlights have a long battery life, ideal for kids, as they may not remember to turn it off. For toddlers, you want a battery case that they can’t open, usually requiring a screwdriver to get to the battery compartment, so they don’t swallow one.


Kid’s flashlights should not be too heavy, as this can make it difficult for them to carry around.


A flashlight for kids should have safety features such as a soft, rubbery coating to prevent it from slipping out of their hands, and an automatic shut-off feature to prevent them from accidentally leaving it on and draining the batteries.

Clips or Hooks

Really great kids flashlights will have a clip or hook to hang it from their belt or backpack. That will help you keep from tracking it down all the time!

A Few Last Thoughts about the Best Flashlights and Headlamps for Kids

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So that’s our list of the best headlamps and kid’s flashlights that your kids and grandkids will love. With so many options, it can be hard to know which headlamp or flashlight is best for your child. If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s sure to please any little adventurer in your life, look no further than our list of kid-friendly lights. We’ve got something great for every kind of outdoorsy child – from those who are always camping and hiking to kids who love playing with flashlights at home! So whether they want to light up the trail or keep their flashlight handy for nighttime reading, we’ve found them the perfect match.The best headlamps and flashlights for kids can be a challenge to find. Here's a list of some pretty amazing choices. #WalkingTheParks #kidsheadlamps #kidsflashlights

This article was originally published on September 19, 2019. We updated it on June 22, 2021, to provide the most current information.