Gifts for Outdoorsy Women 2022: 60 Gift Ideas to Make Her Smile

If there’s a woman in your life who loves the outdoors, but you feel like she has everything she could possibly need…..this is the article for you! You will find 60 ideas for gifts for outdoorsy women that we know will make them smile. 

With our large family of outdoor lovers, we’ve had a lot of experience finding amazing gifts for outdoorsy women. What’s special about our family is the diversity of their relationships with nature, from back-country camping to glamping or relaxing days on the beach to challenging mountain hikes. Our gals love it all! That means our list of outdoor gift ideas for women will have just the right present to match the personality of your nature-loving gal.

What Makes the Perfect Gift for Outdoorsy Women?

Everyone is different, and the perfect gift will vary from woman to woman. Just because she is an outdoorsy woman doesn’t mean she will like the same gift as another woman who loves spending time in nature. A few things to consider:

Hobbies & interests – Think about her go-to activity or her favorite hobby when selecting outdoor gifts for her. Does she like to spend time hiking or does she explore adventure sports? Or maybe she just enjoys an open fire and taking in nature.

Personality type – While most outdoorsy girls are also super adventurous women, not everyone loves a thrill. You might just have a friend who simply loves spending a little time outdoors, surrounded by nature, to unwind.

Quality of gear – If your friend is serious about her outdoor time, there is no point in buying them a cheap bit of gear. Low-quality gear just won’t stand up to high use and she’ll be throwing it away before you know it. However, that doesn’t mean expensive, we share high-quality outdoor gift ideas for her in all price ranges below.

To make shopping easier for you, we’ve divided this list of outdoorsy gifts into the following categories:

  • Gear and Gadgets for the Outdoorsy Woman: This is our list of top must-have gear for her outdoor adventure! 
  • Snacks, Beverages, and More for Her Outdoor Adventures: There is nothing more important than a good meal or beverage when exploring. Here are great gifts to keep her happy and healthy!
  • Gifts for Campfire Fun: We found amazing gifts to ensure her night next to the campfire is enjoyed to the fullest.
  • Clothes She’ll Actually Wear: No more clothes that get stuck in the back of the closet for your outdoor girl! Here’s a list of clothes she will grab for every outdoor adventure.
  • Gifts for the Outdoorsy Woman’s Winter Adventures: Give her the gift of winter fun! Here are some of our favorite cold-weather gift ideas.
  • Pamper Her with Luxury Gifts: All that outdoor adventure can be tough on the body, so give her a gift to help her relax and restore after enjoying the trail or slopes.
  • Gift Books and Journals to Inspire Her Next Adventure: We’ve gathered a list of our favorite books filled with new ideas and journals to track her travels. The perfect gift for your outdoorsy woman.

To help you shop for your gifts for outdoorsy women, we included links to where you can purchase these excellent gifts. In many cases, the links in this gift guide are affiliate links which means if you make a purchase, we could earn a small commission.

11 Gear and Gadgets Outdoorsy Women Love (and need) 

Are you looking for a gift for the outdoorsy woman in your life? Does your outdoor adventurer take her adventures very seriously and want the absolute best for ease and safety? If this sounds familiar, high-quality gear will make the perfect gift to show how well you know them. Don’t worry, though; quality does not have to mean being overpriced. 

Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles

2 black trekking poles as gift for outdoorsy women

Any serious hiker will tell you the importance of quality trekking poles for long hikes. They help reduce the wear and tear on a hiker’s knees and improve her balance on rough terrain. These Black Diamond Trekking Poles are the perfect set to upgrade your adventurous woman’s gear. The height of these 3 section trekking poles is easy to adjust, using simple flick locks with guaranteed zero slip security. The hiking pole grips are made from soft rubber and dual-density foam for comfort. They weigh just 15.6 ounces and extend from 39 to 49 inches. She’s ready to head down the trail with this amazing gift.

Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag – Compression Sack

High-quality dry bags like this keep her gear dry in the worst hiking and camping weather or during any watersport. This makes a versatile gift for adventurous women. The Earth Pax Dry Bags are available in a choice of 8 colors and 5 different sizes. The two smallest bags have comfortable shoulder sling straps, and the bigger bags have straps to be worn as backpacks. All the bags come with a certified waterproof phone case. Your outdoor enthusiast will treasure this waterproof stuff sack for decades!

Black Diamond Cosmo 350 Headlamp

We don’t go anywhere without this headlamp, and your outdoor-loving woman shouldn’t either! A good headlamp is essential for low-light or nighttime adventures so she should always have one in her pack. We’ve found this Black Diamond Headlamp to be extremely dependable, and ready for any night activity. It has 6 brightness settings, including red light for star watching. And the lamp emits a maximum of 350 Lumens to light up your outdoor activities. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the head torch runs for a maximum of 200 hours. It’s waterproof and powerful!

Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool

A true outdoorsy woman knows the value of an amazing multi-tool in her camping gear, and there’s no better brand than this. This Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool incorporates an impressive 14 tools, weighs just 7 ounces, and is reasonably priced. The stainless steel blades are accessible without opening the tool. And it can be easily opened with just one hand. One of the best things about the Leatherman brand is that you get a huge 25-year warranty! For more styles, check out our guide to the best Leatherman Multi-Tools for Camping

Osprey Daylite Daypack

Your outdoor gal might already have a favorite backpack, but she probably doesn’t have a high-quality smaller daypack. The 13-liter Osprey Daylite Daypack is our top choice for a small women’s daypack. It comes in a choice of 7 attractive colors and has all the features of a full-size backpack, in an easy-to-grab smaller size for short adventures. It has plenty of pockets for her gear including a front pocket, side mesh pockets, and an internal pocket for a laptop or water reservoir. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort, and the mesh back panel is covered in slotted foam for extra ventilation. You can find an awesome list of full-size daypacks in our guide to selecting the best daypack.

Garmin Vivoactive 4S GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivoactive 4S will make any health-conscious friend happy. Runners, cyclists, hikers, and campers can track her steps, respiration, activity, location, and more. With an average battery life up to 7 days, it’s great for longer adventures outdoors. This watch is water-resistant, up to 50 meters, so no need to take it off when showering or going for a dip. You can download songs to listen to on the go and even use Garmin Pay for contactless payment. There are so many great features to this attractive smartwatch that we highly recommend you take a further look.

AfterShokz OpenMove Headphones

An amazing gift for outdoorsy women who want both durability and comfort in their wireless headphones. The Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones are specifically designed for people on the go. We think they are a great option for solo hikers and exercisers as the bud-free design makes it easy to be aware of your surroundings. The partial titanium framer is durable, and the discreet control button is easy to locate. They make a practical gift for outdoorsy women with three audio settings, 6 hours of battery life, and a 2-year warranty.

JBL Clip 4 Speaker

Outdoor women who absolutely love taking their music on the go will appreciate this gift. The JBL clip speaker comes in three attractive color choices, and all of them look great. It weighs less than 8.5 ounces and has an integrated carabiner clip that makes it easy to clip onto your backpack or beach bag. The lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth connectivity allow for up to 10 hours of wireless playback. This whole thing is even dustproof and waterproof, so it’s perfect for the outdoors.

Garmin GPSMAP 66s, Rugged Multi-satellite Handheld with Sensors

Safety-conscious women will really appreciate this thoughtful gift that will help them find the trail and avoid getting lost. The Garmin GPSMAP 66s is a reliable handheld GPS with birdseye satellite imagery. It has a 3-inch display that is easily readable even when the sun is bright in the sky. The use of multiple navigation satellites gives reliable tracking in challenging environments. And the wireless connectivity means you can get up-to-date weather forecasts any time of day. She’ll appreciate the long life, delivering 16 hours of power in GPS mode and up to 1 week in expedition mode.

Treva 10-Inch Portable Battery Fan

 Anyone who enjoys getting out and about when the weather is hot can benefit from this great gift idea. The Treva Portable battery fan can run using the AC adaptor or 6 D-cell batteries and is easy to haul along on a camping trip. This gift idea has a built-in handle for move-ability and two fan speeds. It has a durable design and is powerful enough to make a difference but weighs less than 2.5 pounds. This fan would make a perfect addition to any campsite, picnic, or outdoor area.

Anker Portable Charger, Power Bank for Phones

We don’t go anywhere without at least one Portable Power Bank to charge our phones, GPS unit, fans, cameras and you name it! This power bank stores enough power for several charges for most devices that use a USB charging cord. Don’t let your outdoorsy woman get caught in the wild with a dead cell phone!

7 Gifts to Enjoy Her Snacks and Beverages in the Great Outdoors

Our outdoorsy girls love their food and beverages when on an adventure. What better gift for an outdoor lover than a gift idea to make their adventures, be it hiking, camping, or a day at the beach, perfect? Make sure she can relax with ease, keep her drinks cold, get her coffee fix, or picnic in comfort. These best gifts for outdoorsy women will be a welcome relief. Any one of these awesome gifts will add a touch of joy and ease to her next adventure.

Soft Portable Cooler with Wide Mouth Opening

Who wouldn’t love a reliable way to keep her favorite drinks cool on the go? This soft, portable cooler from Built looks like a regular shoulder bag but is leakproof and durable, making them great outdoor gifts for women. The 1-inch side insulation and 5-inch bottom insulation work to keep ice and drinks cold. The double-stitched seams and reinforced handles mean they can handle large loads. Perfect for camping trips, a picnic with friends, or festivals, it even has six colors and designs from which to choose.

AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

If you know a serious coffee lover who can’t cope without her espresso fix, this coffee press is the perfect gift. The Aeropress Go Travel is a manual coffee maker that brews coffee under pressure. This means it has a less bitter taste than french press coffee. It’s about as close as you can get to a barista-pulled espresso on the go. And it’s all without a large coffee machine, making it the perfect outdoor gift. It only weighs 11.5 ounces and is compact, making it easy to take on any outdoor camping or hiking trip. This coffee press is a super thoughtful gift for outdoorsy women she will be thrilled to receive.

Gourmet Coffee Mini Packs (to go with that Aeropress!)

These mini bags of gourmet coffee are perfect for the outdoor girl on the go. They are conveniently sized for backpacking and camping. She will receive a gift of 12 unique flavors like Cinnamon Hazelnut, Colombian, Door County Creme or Frosted Cinnamon Buns that will start her adventure with a jolt of energy. The coffees in the sampler pack are roasted in Door County Wisconsin and available in regular or decaf. 

Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Water Bottle

A high-quality water bottle or flask is an absolute must for any adventurous woman, and the Hydro Flask is about as good as they come. Made with double-wall vacuum insulation and high-quality stainless steel, this water bottle keeps liquids cold or hot with ease. The flexible handle makes these outdoor gifts easy to hang from a pack or carry as you walk. It even comes in a whopping 12 color options, so you’re sure to find the perfect gifts for outdoor women.

Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Water Filter Bottle

One of our top choices for an outdoorsy gift for your favorite woman, the Katadyn BeFree Water Filter bottle will ensure she always has safe drinking water. What we love most about this filtering bottle is that it smashes into a disk small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. Of course, you’ll also appreciate that it filters out dangerous protezoa and bacteria on the go so you can safely replenish your water supply on the trail or on the road. The filter is easy to clean, just swish it in water and you’re ready to filter another liter of water. Katadyn is the top brand in providing effective water filtering systems for outdoor adventures.

Nutruit Gourmet Healthy Snack Variety Box

Every adventure requires a handful of energy snack… so give your nature loving girl a box of gourmet snacks she can tuck into her bag on the go. Think how luxurious it will feel for her to enjoy a snack of date balls, roasted trail mix or sour cherry fruit. This is a box of 20 different guilt free snack bags, all gluten free and vegan friendly.

Baja Beef Craft Jerky Sampler

I usually think of jerky as being a bit of a guy thing, but your outdoorsy gal will love a gift of this unique Craft Jerky Sampler. The gourmet flavors like lime and serrano pepper and sweet orange make it the perfect protein boost for her on a difficult trail. This jerky has 10g protein, is low carb and low calorie.  She will love that the jerky is 100% all natural beef with no nitrates or hormones.

7 Gifts for Her Evenings by the Campfire

Most outdoorsy girls will tell you there is nothing better than relaxing by the campfire at night. There is just something about an open fire and the night sky in the great outdoors! From making a fire to keeping your drink chilled, here are the best gifts that will bring a little extra joy at that next campfire.

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

What do you get for the outdoor-loving woman who already seems to have everything?! This Pop-Up Fire Pit might just be the best outdoor gifts for women! It weighs just 8 pounds and measures 24 x 24 x 15 inches when set up. The great thing is that it packs down flat, so it’s effortless to take camping or to the beach. The heat plates mean you can use the fire pit on any surface without leaving a singe mark. It’s suitable for burning either wood or charcoal. Fire Mesh technology means 80% less smoke is produced than a regular campfire. The fire pit is a unique gift that is sure to bring a smile.

Extra Large Picnic & Outdoor Water-Proof Blanket

Another one of my personal favorite items because the uses are endless! She is going to love picnicking in style on this amazing-looking blanket. A quality Large Picnic Blanket is the perfect way to keep comfortable and clean in the yard, at the beach, at a park, at a festival, camping, and more. It’s a great size for the family at an impressive 60 x 60 inches. This blanket has a waterproof underlayer so sand and dampness won’t seep through the blanket. The top layer wipes clean, and the whole thing rolls up and is secured with velcro. It’s made even easier to carry by the convenient handle on the top.

Urban CoCo Women’s Color Block Shawl Wrap

If there is someone in your life who is constantly shivering by the Campfire, a shawl or wrap will make a thoughtful gift. This Urban CoCo Women’s Shawl is big enough to wrap around yourself and snuggle into at 51 x 61 inches. It’s a polyester blend that is made to look like wool and is soft to the touch. There are a whopping 43 designs and colors to choose from, so the only problem you’ll have is picking just one!

Thermacell MR450 Portable Mosquito Repeller

If you know someone who is a mosquito magnet and is sick of them ruining outdoor adventures, this is the gift for them. The Thermacell MR450 Mosquito Repeller is a chemical and DEET-free way to keep mosquitos at bay. Pack it up for camping or a day at the beach. You won’t need any cords, batteries, spray, or smoke. The unit is powered by heat that comes from the included fuel cartridge. It works on a 15-foot radius and comes with 3 repellant mats that change color when they need replacing. It even comes with a handy clip to keep it personally attached to you.

Comfy Vintage Campfire Sweatshirt

This soft and cozy Campfires and Cocktails sweatshirt is sure to be in your outdoorsy girls pack on every trip. It’s available in 6 colors so you can find her favorite and in sizes from XS to XXL. The cotton blend will machine wash well so she can wear it over and over. 

Ultralight Portable Camping Chair

We always pack these compact chairs in our camping gear! And your ladies who love to sit around the campfire in comfort will love these chairs as their outdoor gifts! The G4Free Upgraded Lightweight Portable Chair has a weight capacity of 240lbs but only weighs about 2lbs.  And then everything packs down into the 14-inch bag. With aluminum poles and loop design, it sets up in just seconds.  These outdoor gifts are available in four bright and eye-catching colors. For more info, check out our guide to the best ultralight camping chairs.

Inspirational Insulated Wine Tumbler

There’s nothing quite like having a glass of wine by the campfire and, with this Insulated Wine Tumbler, lukewarm drinks are a thing of the past. It’s for more than just wine though, this double-wall vacuum-insulated mug keeps any drink cold and hot liquids hot. The flat bottom and straw-friendly lid mean that it’s sturdy when placed on the floor. The beautiful rose gold 120z tumbler also comes with a stainless steel straw, cleaning brush, and personalized card. The packaging is adorable, and this wine tumbler arrives ready to gift straight to your outdoorsy woman.

12 Clothes Outdoor Woman Will Actually Wear

Nowadays, serious outdoor clothing can also look stylish too. The selection of outdoor gear designed for women is impressive, and you’re sure to find something that will make an awesome gift. From lightweight base layers and waterproof jackets to high-quality hiking socks and clothes for relaxing in the evening, all of these quality clothing items will stand the test of time and show you care.

Darn Tough COOLMAX Micro Crew Cushion Socks

It’s easy to overlook the importance of quality socks, but serious hikers know the right sock can make a world of difference on the hiking trail. The Darn Tough Coolmax Socks are specially designed for warm weather hiking. The medium cushioning provides amazing comfort in her hiking boots. These hiking socks are quick-drying and comfortable thanks to the polyester, nylon, and spandex blend fabric. The performance fit of the hiking socks means they won’t slip in your hiking boots all day which helps to prevent blisters. They get rave reviews from wearers making these Darn Tough hiking socks one of the best practical gifts for outdoorsy friends.

Smartwool Merino 250 Base Layer Quarter-Zip Top

Anyone who wants warmth and comfort but without the restriction of movement will thank you for the amazing gift. The Smarwool Merino Wool Base Layer is odor resistant, warm, comfortable, breathable. Made from mid-weight merino wool with a partial zipper, this shirt has a real luxury feel to it. The fit is designed to give a good range of motion thanks to the raglan sleeves and wrapping body seam. The flatlock seams even minimize chaffing, and the lack of shoulder seams makes them comfortable to wear with a heavy pack. If you want to give a super high-quality and practical gift, look no further.

Patagonia Fleetwith Dress

After a hard day of hiking or exploring National Parks, the woman in your life will absolutely love a comfortable dress to relax in outside. The Patagonia Fleetwith Dress is a perfect, lightweight option that is comfortable but looks good enough to wear every day. Made from 91% recycled polyester, it’s kind to the environment as well. It’s the same material that running shorts are made of, so expect something very lightweight. The drawstring waist gives a comfortable fit, and there are three handy pockets.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket for Women

A versatile puff jacket will make a great addition to any outdoorsy woman’s wardrobe because it can be packed in a small space making it quickly accessible in changing temperatures. The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket makes a perfect top layer in cool weather or an efficient insulating layer when hiking or skiing in extreme cold. It is great at trapping body heat while keeping out the wind. It even has elasticized cuffs and a drawcord hem for extra warmth. When you’re done, the whole thing packs down small and weighs less than 10 ounces. It looks awesome and is available in 15 different color choices.

REI Co-op Rainier Women’s Rain Jacket

As one of the perfect outdoor gifts for women, the REI Co-op Rainier Jacket makes windy and rainy weather little more than a passing inconvenience. The 2.5 layers of recycled Nylon protect from rain and winds of up to 60mph without letting the wet inside. It has a durable waterproof finish that easily sheds light rain, and the double-stitched seams offer superior protection. The velcro cuffs and drawstring hem allow for a close fit, while the armpit zips make it easy to get rid of excess heat. The whole jacket stuffs down into its own pocket and weighs just 11.4 ounces, so it’s really easy to pack and transport.

REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants

A good pair of versatile pants makes all the difference when climbing, hiking, or just exploring in fast-changing weather conditions. These REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants come in 3 different colors and are made from a nylon and Spandex blend. They are comfortable for all-day wear, and the pant leg easily zips off to be worn as shorts when you need an extra range of motion or in warmer weather. They have a water-repellent finish, flat seams to prevent chaffing, and provide UPF 50+ sun protection.

Fun T-Shirts to Make Her Laugh

Are you still stuck for ideas, even after all these great gifts for outdoorsy women? Well, you can’t go wrong with a fun and stylish t-shirt! Is outdoor gear not your area of expertise, or you’re not sure what your friend needs? These t-shirts are outdoor-themed and will let her outdoorsy personality shine in everyday life. With heaps of fun colors and designs, there is sure to be a fun gift she will love.

I haven’t been everywhere…

Explore More

Still Plays Outside

I Wanna Be Where People Aren’t

Lake Life

Life is Better on the River

7 Gifts for Women who Embrace Winter Adventure

Does your outdoorsy woman love being outdoors when there is a chill in the air? From winter hiking to snowmobiling to skiing, our gals love cold weather activities. Gifting them something for winter play or helping them keep warm is sure to please. Anything on this list of the best gifts for winter will add a little extra comfort and ease during the colder months.

ALPS Snowshoes

The ALPS Snowshoes are the perfect gifts for outdoors woman who wants to start exploring in the snow and test out if it’s for them. These snowshoes come in three sizes (14, 17, and 19 inches) with a weight capacity between 30lbs and 120lbs. They are made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with a high-density polyethylene decking. The aluminum alloy teeth provide extra grip to the snow, and the fast-release buckles make them easy to get on and off.

Black Diamond Lightweight Screentap Gloves

Nobody wants cold hands in the winter, but a lot of gloves are bulky and hard to work in. These Black Diamond Lightweight Gloves make for a great liner/base layer, and even better, they are touch screen compatible! There’s no need to have your bare hands in the frigid air just to use your phone effectively. These beautiful gloves are made from power stretch Nylon fleece, you’ll love the conductive material on the fingertips. We never head out any season without a pair of these in our pack and have a complete guide to glove liners.

Giro Moxie Goggles

A well-fitting pair of goggles is essential for any serious winter hiker and outdoorsy girls. The Giro Moxie Goggles are specially designed for small to medium faces, making them practical gifts for an outdoor lover. They come with two lenses, one for bright conditions and one for low light, but both have an anti-fog coating. The micro-fleece lined foam is soft, comfortable, and is great at blocking out the cold wind. They are also compatible with Giro helmets and come in 5 different attractive colors and designs.

Minus33 Merino Wool Ridge Cuff Wool Beanie

The perfect gift idea, this luxury cold-weather hat makes a wonderful gift for Anyone exploring outside in cold weather. This Minus33 Wool Beanie is made from 100% Merino Wool for a super soft, luxurious feel. It has flatlock seams, is super lightweight, and is UPF 50+. It has a wide adjustable cuff to get a great fit and is available in 19 different colors. For more winter hat ideas, check out our guide to purchasing the best winter hiking hats.

Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats

Yaktrax cleats go every where with us in winter, and even in spring when hiking in the mountains. Icy trails don’t have to ruin your winter running and hiking. With these Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats, exploring or exercising outdoors is still safe and enjoyable. Available in S, M, L & XL, they simply fit snugly over your existing shoes. They are made from durable rubber with high-strength stainless steel coils and a removable over-foot strap for a tight fit. Your outdoorsy woman will love these practical gifts.. Check out our comparison of Crampons or Cleats for winter ice.

Smartwool Women’s 150 Baselayer

Any cold-weather adventurer understands the importance of quality base layers, and the Smartwool Women’s Baselayer ticks all the boxes for perfect outdoor gifts. This crew neck, long-sleeved shirt is made from a Merino and Nylon blend. The fabric blend allows for a comfortable, warm feel next to the skin, and the Merino fibers wick away sweat which is vital in a good base layer. The raglan sleeves mean there are no shoulder seams to cause discomfort when wearing a pack. It’s also machine washable and gives UPF 20+ protection. For more info, check out our guide to the best merino wool base layers.

Smartwool Classic Mountaineer Socks

Warm feet make all the difference to your lady when she’s playing outdoors in the snow. And Smartwool is one of my favorite brands for winter socks because they keep your feet toasty and dry. The Smartwool Classic Mountain socks are extra thick and cushiony for comfort in your winter boots. The merino wool wicks away moisture so your feet stay dry, which means they will feel warmer. These socks are a smart choice as a gift for outdoorsy women.

5 Pampering Gifts So She Can Re-Charge

Spending a day outdoors exploring and adventuring can leave anyone exhausted. Aching muscles, sore feet, and chapped lips are a regular occurrence for any seriously adventurous woman. If you want to show you care, a pampering gift to enjoy at the end of a long day could be perfect. Whether it’s hiking, camping, outdoor sports, or even just spending a day gardening, any of these gifts will help her unwind.

BodyRestore Shower Steamers

There’s nothing like a hot steamy shower after a day of outdoor activities. Well, make that shower luxurious and revitalizing with these Body Restore shower steamers! Place one of these shower tablets on the shower floor, and they release aromatherapy oils into the air. They are the perfect way to relieve stress and relax at the end of a long day spent outdoors. This 12-pack includes grapefruit, choc orange, and citrus scents, so it is sure to make amazing gifts for outdoor women. 

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

This gift set of 12 bath bombs makes a luxurious pamper gift for Anyone who enjoys a good soak in the tub. Each bath bomb is different, coming in a range of colors and scents. Some bombs are filled with petals and glitter for a fun bath experience. A great way to moisturize skin, ease aching muscles, and relax after a long backpacking trip. These beautiful hand-crafted bath bombs even come in lovely gift packaging. 

Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set

The outdoors can be harsh, and the face, hands, and feet usually take the worst of it. Help your outdoorsy woman pamper her skin with the Burt’s Bees Classic Gift Set. Burt’s Bees are, without a doubt, my personal go-to when my skin has taken abuse. They are well known for creating beautifully moisturizing products without parabens, phthalates, or petroleum, and this set is no exception. It contains a cuticle cream, hand salve, lip balm, res-q ointment, hand repair cream, and foot cream. The whole thing comes in an adorable storage tin, and it would make perfect stocking stuffers.

Foot Spa Bath Massager

Any serious hikers will absolutely love being able to treat her feet at the end of the day with this Foot Spa and Massager. It includes foot rollers, a footstone, and shiatsu foot massagers that use a pushing, kneading, and pressing motion to gently ease tired feet. The intelligent temperature monitor maintains the temperature you set with ease. The machine also uses red light, vibration, and bubbles to soothe and relieve aches and pains. It’s a large enough machine to fit men’s feet easily, yet it weighs less than 5 pounds, so it is easy to move around.

Electric Back and Shoulder Massager with Heat

We’ve found this Heated Back and Shoulder Massager to be a lifesaver after a day of playing and working outside. For those who carry heavy packs, do a lot of lifting, or just hold tension in your upper back, you will love the way this relaxes your back. The breathable mesh fabric and soft leather give a luxurious feel. It has 3-speed settings, a reverse setting, a 15-minute automatic shut-off, and overheat protection. Anyone who needs to soothe sore muscles or increase blood flow will find this to be the perfect gift.

11 Books and Journals: Gifts your Outdoorsy Woman will Cherish

Inspiration can be hard to come by. Give these great books as the best gifts for an outdoors woman, and she will have more ideas for her next camping or hiking trip than imaginable. Even more than that, she is sure to find some new locations she hasn’t thought of before. Whether she absolutely loves day hikes, camping trips, beaches, or US National Parks, there is sure to be a book to suit them. Give the gift of hundreds of new trip ideas, and she’ll never forget it!

100 Parks, 5000 Ideas

America’s Best Day Hikes

100 Hikes of a Lifetime!

USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder

Where Should We Camp Next?

50 States, 5000 Ideas

And Perhaps a Comfy Hammock for an Afternoon of Reading!

Close your eyes and imagine laying in that hammock listening to the birds and reading your book while camping. This outdoor gift is relaxation on steroids! The Kammock Single Roo is constructed with incredibly soft and rip-resistant Gravitas™ fabric that holds up to 500 lb. There is plenty of room in this hammock for the kids to join! Personalize the outdoor gift for your special lady with one of the 12 beautiful colors.

Journals to Keep Her Adventures Alive

Journaling is a great way to be more mindful on hiking and camping trips. One of these beautiful nature journals is the perfect gift to help her reflect on her trip and store memories to relive later. If she is new to journaling, there are even some writing prompts to help inspiration strike. Journals are also a great way to track your bucket list activities like visiting National Parks or challenging thru-hikes.

The Purple Journal

The Hiker’s Journal

The Tree of Life Journal

Hiking Logbook

Quick Gift Ideas for the Outdoorsy People in Your Life

The gift ideas above work for a wide variety of outdoorsy people, from your sister to your girlfriend. Many also work well for couple or family gifts! To make it easier for you we have created a couple of quick lists here:

What do you get for an outdoors couple?

  1. Lightweight Camping Chairs
  2. Soft Portable Cooler
  3. Waterproof Picnic Blanket
  4. Adventure Idea Books
  5. Pop Up Fire Pit
  6. His and Hers Goggles
  7. Handheld Garmin GPS

What should you get your outdoorsy sister?

  1. Wireless Headphones
  2. Black Diamond Headlamp
  3. Fun Wine Tumbler
  4. Lightweight Screen Tap Gloves
  5. Minus 33 Beanie

What do you give an outdoorsy family?

  1. Hydro Flask Water Bottles, each their own color
  2. JBL Clip Speaker
  3. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller
  4. Waterproof Picnic Blanket
  5. Yaktrax Snow Cleats

What do you give to your outdoorsy girlfriend?

  1. Garmin GPS Smartwatch
  2. Leatherman Sidekick Multi-Tool
  3. Osprey Daylite Pack
  4. Bath Bomb Gift Set
  5. Darn Tough Socks

The perfect outdoor adventurer in your life is out there looking for unique, creative gifts to make their next hiking or camping adventure more enjoyable. With the list of 50 gift ideas we’ve provided here, you can find the best gifts that will be both practical and memorable. Whether they love camping under the stars or hiking up a mountain trail, the items in this handy gift guide are sure to bring them joy when unwrapped on Christmas morning! Which of these is the perfect gift for outdoorsy women in your life?

Over 50 ideas for the perfect gift for outdoorsy women! #WalkingTheParks